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BeCool , Feb 3, Nemrod , Feb 4, They usually get a discount from the LDS they are affiliated with.

Buy an EON Steel and POD for just £499.00 (SRP £1,109)

Also, this gets the instructors familiar and confident with the gear so that they can tell others about it. As far a how much they get of a discount, it depends. It can be as much as "cost" depending on the shop and the profit margins - remember the LDS wants them to be walking talking demonstrating advertisements. I'm not being cynical, because there's nothing wrong or evil about this.

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Kinda like having your Chevrolet salesman drive a Chevrolet. It's good business. I'm fairly certain that employees get a discount much like employees at any other non-dive store Instructors and DMs usually only have access to keyman discounts through the LDS with which they are affiliated.

Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - SUUNTO

Normally, this "keyman" discount is arranged with the manufacturer through the dive shop at a certain time of the year. So how much is the "keyman" discount? It varies according to manufacturer.

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I'm not a dive professional so I can't quote you hard numbers and I'd be very surprised if any instructor would willingly post the numbers in an open Internet forum, lest the manufacturer get po'd and cancel access to the discount. However, I have it on good authority that the discounts can be substantial with certain brands. You can use your imagination with other brands.

Suunto Novo Honest Review - Dive Tested by a Novice

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Special Suunto Offer for BSAC Instructors

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The DSAT variant is better suited when you want to pick a liberal recreational dive algorithm, whereas the Buhlmann algorithm is more conservative.

Overall this is one of the best dive computers in the intermediate price range on the market today, and if it featured a digital compass it could well be sitting pretty in my number one spot. Two different algorithms with additional conservatism settings.

The Suunto D4i also comes with the ability to connect to an optional wireless air transmitter which makes it great for mid-level divers who want the ability to expand their gear later on. The Suunto D4i comes with an 80 hour internal dive log that can be easily exported to your PC for digital dive log enthusiasts, and the dot matrix display is super easy to read and has a strong backlight that keeps all essential dive information available at a quick glance — an essential characteristic for those looking to buy a compact watch-style computer. I highly recommend this to scuba diving enthusiasts looking for a high quality mid-range Suunto dive computer.

The free diving mode is great, and the optional wireless air integration feature is a nice touch for those looking to invest in a transmitter. Specific ations.