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In terms of battery life, the two models claim to support up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music. Here are the key features of both the inch and Display: The short answer is, maybe. The iPad Pro is a decidedly high-end piece of kit with easily the highest price tag of an Apple tablet. At first glance, the size of 's iPad Pro stands out against the iPad Air, inch or The screen on the iPad Pro is also more advanced, with less glare and the assistance of True Tone to deal with ambient light, and the display, which goes from edge to edge, is significantly larger.

The iPad Pro has the same basic camera but trumps the Air on video, thanks to its 4K recording abilities. As noted above, the iPad Air is significantly cheaper than either model of iPad Pro as the model is now discontinued. As you can probably tell, the features of the iPad Air 2 hardly amount to half the functionality and will suit most people just fine.

You need to ask yourself whether you will really get enough out of the iPad Pro to justify the extra outlay. If you don't fancy going for the discontinued iPad Air 2, the alternative is to shop around for the best possible iPad Pro deals. The other Apple alternative to the iPad Pro is the iPad itself.

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The iPad Pro has a bigger display with Liquid Retina display, a more powerful processor, better cameras, Face ID, and larger storage options. The iPad in contrast to the iPad Pro only has a 9. Whilst it may be good for consumers who prefer physical buttons, the iPad trails behind the iPad Pro in terms of hardware. The main benefit of the iPad over the iPad pro is the price difference.

There are notable differences between the two tablet, but if you're planning on buying one for casual use, or for a student, then a you are not missing out on a huge amount if you choose the iPad over the iPad Pro. The iPad is much more of an entry level tablet, compared to the iPad Pro that is designed for professional work. The price difference between the two is large, so think about what you need and what tablet best suits your needs.

Whether you decide to go for the iPad or the iPad Pro, make sure to check out hotukdeals to find the best price for your tablets. For them, the decision is whether to go for a conventional laptop like the MacBook range, or to opt for a more streamlined, portable tablet. If you listen to Apple, the answer is plain: the iPad Pro is clearly a competitor and replacement for laptops. On one hand, the iPad Pro certainly approaches what a laptop can do. You can hook up the smart keyboard and prop up the device, creating a laptop style workstation.

You can attach mice, run browsers, graphics manipulation apps and word processors just like you would with a laptop. There are some major differences, though. For example, iPads come with far fewer connection ports than laptops. If you are used to using USBs and HDMI ports to connect video projectors, gaming controllers or printers, you may struggle with the wireless-based technology of the iPad range. If you rely on word processors and are used to a keyboard and mouse setup, a laptop is still the way to go. Storage is another issue where the iPad falls down.

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However, if you are used to holding GB of tracks or movies on your hard disk, it will quickly feel restrictive. Here are some of the most important:. Most importantly, do you want to keep your tablet as light as possible? If so, a slim-line leather or plastic case will provide a basic level of protection without adding too much weight.

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However, to really guard against drops and knocks, go for robust products like the Incipio Capture. This advanced stylus has been developed solely for use with the iPad Pro not the Mini or the Air , and is adapted to the multi-touch Retina screen. Resembling an ordinary pencil, the stylus allows you to create freehand drawings with unprecedented accuracy, control in game characters particularly handy when moving units around in strategy games and generally navigate iOS. The smart keyboard — Another key add-on for the iPad Pro, the Smart Keyboard is a must if you want to turn your tablet into a laptop substitute.

It can be stored neatly when folded up, then deployed in seconds with no wires involved. The keyboard itself is made from woven fabric, so there are no keys as such, and no gaps for bits of food to get stuck in either. You can find screen protectors in plastics like HDX or tempered glass — but be sure to buy a reputable brand like Zagg , as poorly made products could compromise the effectiveness of your multi-touch screen. The best stands come with mounts that can be manoeuvred and manipulated into convenient positions.

Make sure you purchase one that is specifically intended for use with your model of iPad Pro and not simply for generic iPads. The iPad Pro certainly has plenty of properties that endear it to gamers. This handy piece of kit has proved really useful for gamers, whether they are playing intricate puzzle games or commanding armies in war games.

While both models are obviously far smaller and lighter than a laptop, they are larger than most iPhones and the smaller iPad models. Larger tablets can be tiring for gamers to hold, and larger screen sizes can be inconvenient for some types of game. So, if you adore platformers or shoot em ups, you might do just as well with a smartphone.

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This makes tablets like the iPad attractive for casual gamers who want a diversion for a few minutes or for gamers with a taste for simple, often retro-inspired titles, but a less appealing option for devotees of the latest version of Call of Duty. If you do choose to buy an iPad Pro for gaming, be sure to get hold of a specialist games controller at the same time. The first thing to do is to work out which model you want and visit a store like Apple or Currys to see it in action. Ask staff about its capabilities and connections to establish that it really does do what you need it to do.

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Now, head to hotukdeals and check out the iPad Pro listings. Check out cashback companies like Quidco as well, as they often feature offers for iPads. You may also find bundles with the iPad, apps and accessories like the Pencil or the smart keyboard. If you need those add-ons, buying them together can be a great money-saving opportunity. Timing your purchase can also save money. You might also find some deals on older devices around September, before new Apple devices are rolled out in the Autumn.

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Apple iPad Pro Pretty great price considering this is a better spec than the air, but around the same price, and includes cellular!

Colour might not be to everyones tastes however : The 10… Read more. Melekk Bargain!! Posted 17th Oct Posted 17th Oct. Apple iPad Pro 9. Get deal Get deal. Want an iPad Pro 9. Rebelutionary1 9. KingOfCaledonia When and where? And only 2 speakers?