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Somewhat older videos are probably cheaper or free for them to use. Which divided into many short videos is quite a bit of content to learn from. I have skyrocketed my French thanks to a minute dose of Yabla when I can. I have a blast learning about culture, philosophy and food: their videos are so different and entertaining! I find myself no longer needing subtitles and literally speaking without much effort compared to when I began. The best! This is an interesting review, thanks. I just signed up for Yabla…one month at a time. What TV series would you recommend that Yabla includes?

Though they may not be the blockbuster type of series you see in the US, I love them and they add a continuous story element to the learning experience. It was a cassette tape and a little lesson booklet scripts, glossary, and a quiz. I wonder if that morphed its way in Yabla or one of the others. It was not easy to write the post as I honestly like both. Overall I think FluentU is a more complete product it also keeps improving , but Yabla has better content and IMO is more entertaining to work with.

However, they offer some kind of a one-time rebate for people purchasing subscriptions for multiple languages. The only caveat is that the subscriptions must be for at least 6 months. Thanks for your review, I agree with it. I really enjoy Yabla.

The Best, Free Podcasts for Learning Spanish and Listening to Slow Spanish News

I have been learning Spanish for years and use it as you suggest as part of a multi-pronged approach, including in-person courses, reading books in Spanish, other online courses, etc. There is a comments section on each video, and I have found if you ask a pertinent question the Yabla folks will typically respond, for example a usage question or cultural question.

If you had a tutor that would buy you about 2 hours if you were lucky. The scribe game is excellent, basically old-school style dictation but can get hints, and it really forces you to listen. Again it is not a magic bullet to make you fluent, but is a good tool. It works ok on an iPhone but I use it mainly on a laptop. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This is a review of the web version of Yabla. An iPhone app is also available. For Whom is Yabla? Yabla is meant as an input tool. There are no speech exercises.

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With Yabla you can learn: Spanish French German Italian Chinese Mandarin English Check out the graph below to find out how much content Yabla has for each language: Not Just for English Speakers A good Yabla feature is that you can change all translations to a selection of other languages. The videos are sorted by difficulty — beginner to advanced — and by category. Still, technology-savvy kids might be able to simply turn the filter off. Scribe In Scribe you have to really use your ears.

Both work well.

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When full, a new deck is automatically created. One video seemed to corrupt a flashcard deck temporarily. It happened every time a video segment from that particular video was played in a flashcard deck. How Much Does Yabla Cost?

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CaptionPop CaptionPop is a free Yabla alternative. It works with any YouTube video that has subtitles. Wrapping it up I had a good time reviewing Yabla. It offers an entertaining way to further master a language.

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    Yabla Review: I Spent 11 Hours With Yabla - Here are my Thoughts

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    The free version allows you to translate text from and into more than languages, including Spanish. Other features include transliteration, sharing, and audio in male and female voices. Pro features include offline mode, verb conjugations, voice-to-voice conversations, website translation, and lens — you can use your camera to translate signs, menus, and more. The last two functionalities are available only on iOS. A publisher specializing in educational material books and digital content for teaching and learning Spanish as a second language. It includes A1 to C2 reference books, several complete courses, and language books for children.

    According to over excellent reviews on Amazon, probably the best Spanish language book for beginners. The book explains grammatical rules and concepts in order of importance, and introduces more than verbs and key terms on the basis of frequency. The content is organized in 15 units and includes exercises that help you grasp the basics quickly.

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    • This translator app offers sentence correction and voice recognition. You can use it to translate emails and sms messages as you receive them the free version lets you do this 50 times. Your translation history is saved for your reference. The news site in Spanish.

      Not just for the advanced learners; the intermediate ones can also take advantage of it because all video materials are followed by transcripts. Another free translator app that enables instant translations of words and entire sentences. It includes a list of favorite words and phrases, and supports voice input. Available on Android. This is a free phrasebook app that works completely offline.