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Eating a fiber-rich diet is associated with better gastrointestinal health and a reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol, obesity, type 2 diabetes, even some cancers. These benefits grow the more fiber people eat. But the average American gets just 16 grams per day — half of what we should be eating. A big reason for that has to do with what we now eat. Instead of munching on fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds, more than half of the calories Americans consume come from ultra-processed foods.

On any given day, nearly 40 percent of Americans eat fast food. These prepared and processed meals tend to be low in fiber, or even fiber free. To think of fiber as just Metamucil and bran cereal is to do its complexity a disservice.

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And some fiber types can only be broken down by the gut microbiome, the ecology of trillions of diverse bacteria lining our intestines and colon. Psyllium, in Metamucil, is water soluble, gel-forming and less fermentable than other fibers. Understanding this variety is relevant to our health because different fibers have different health effects on our gastrointestinal tract, said William Chey , a professor of gastroenterology and nutrition at the University of Michigan. Gel-forming fibers like psyllium, for example, hold on to water. So if your stool is hard, they can help soften it, Chey said.

Fermentability is also important, he explained, because it reflects whether the gut microbiome views fiber as a food source or not. Fermentable fibers can exacerbate gas and bloating , so people who experience those symptoms might want to adjust their intake.

Researchers have demonstrated that a low FODMAP diet — which limits fermentable foods, including fibers such as fructan — can alleviate irritable bowel syndrome. The second thing to know about fiber is that humans evolved to eat it — a lot of it. Tribe members consume to fiber grams per day — enough to fill some 50 bowls of Cheerios, and 10 times what Americans take in, as NPR reported.

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Generation after generation of farmers have since bred them to be bigger and tastier — in many cases increasing their sugar content and stripping them of fiber. Milling, meanwhile, cleared the whole-grain fractions out of our bread and bakery products, which were a major fiber source, Walter said. DSL Telecom made the sign-up process a pleasure, and they kept me informed of the installation progress right up until my internet was installed. All deals subject to coverage check as well as a credit check.


Investec, RMB said to seek Vox disposal for fibre exit

Vox and DSL Telecom cannot guarantee that these deals will still be available by the time your application form and documentation have been received. Authorised Vox Business Partner.

Shareholders halt corporate action process at Vox

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However, Mark Walker, associate vice-president at International Data Corporation, is of the opinion that competition is pushing the FNOs to secondary markets. Opportunity still remains but it will be more costly and fragmented to win in these areas. Turning to possible tie-ups in the industry, Du Toit says these will happen as the pressure increases, particularly for the smaller players.

Many of the smaller FNOs that we see today will not be able to compete with established market players in the long-term and this will inevitably result in consolidation in this market. He points out there has been a number of changes in the market this year that will likely require investors to re-look at the business case, both for further new fibre deployments and for acquisitions.

Telkom, for its part, has a dual strategy with fibre and fixed-LTE. As 5G networks are launched, with Rain likely to be the first in South Africa, this will be an even more attractive alternative.

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Wireless networks have a potentially quicker return on investment than fibre. Meanwhile, Vox-owned open access provider, Frogfoot, today announced that it has acquired the existing network and customer base of Blitz Fibre, and entered into an exclusive partnership with the company to accelerate the rollout of fibre in multi-dwelling units across the country. The deal will add another 15 homes be serviced by Frogfoot, bringing the total homes to as of August Blitz Fibre has presence in Gauteng, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal and focuses on building fibre infrastructure in multi-dwelling residential and business complexes, as well as small and large scale business parks.

The transaction is limited to the acquisition of Blitz Fibre existing customer base not the company itself. Vox boss shares his multimillion-rand fibre plan. By Samuel Mungadze , Senior news journalist.