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Lunch often is cheaper than dinner. Host a pot-luck dinner. Tip: Have everyone bring a specific or assigned dish. Seek discounts at amusement parks and museums.

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Most offer military discounts. Same goes for museums.

WATCH: Here’s a walkthrough of the coupon process

Better yet: Visit the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Digital Library available on Military OneSource to find a range of fitness, recreational and skills development programs, tickets and more — some at reduced rates. Shop online. But you can shop for just about anything online and compare prices. You can also look for online coupons. Look for deals. Shoppers typically save more than 30 percent compared to shopping in town. Or shop at outlet and discount stories. Consignment and thrifts shops are good too. And look for deals online. Stock up on basics during sales. When you find good deals on socks and underwear, buy a few extra pair to lock in the savings.

Get the most from your wardrobe. Uniforms also can be worn off duty. Sticking to similar color combinations or buying clothes in neutral colors lets you do more with fewer clothes.

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Visit national parks for free. National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass is your ticket to more than 2, federal recreation sites. A free annual pass is available for current U.

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Go camping. It can be cheaper and more fun than hotels. Travel off-season, with a group or on a tour. Use Department of Defense Lodging services. Military families are eligible to use military lodging around the world, ranging from cottages on the beach to world-class resorts or recreational lodging facilities. Destinations include resort towns, big cities, oceanfront getaways, mountain top retreats and overseas locales. Fly for free.

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  6. Service members and family can fly free or at very low cost when space is available on military flights. Space-available Passenger Transportation , or Space-A Travel, can be tricky at times but can save you lots of money on flights. Walk, bike or use public transportation. Shop for car insurance. If you must drive your own vehicle, compare rates online and consider a higher deductible on collision coverage if your car is older.

    Buy a used car. A two-year-old car with some mileage can save you thousands versus a new car. Have your mechanic check it out, however. Do the basics. Turn off the lights when not using them.

    Unplug computers, appliances, charging cables when not using them. Close your fireplace damper when not in use. Insulate your attic or other unfinished spaces.

    How To Send Expired Coupons To Military Families Overseas

    Use storm windows and weatherproof your home to reduce heat or cooling loss. Watch the thermostat. Setting your temperature between 68 and 72 degree may be comfy, but it can kill your wallet. Set the air conditioner at 78 in the summer when home consider running fans instead. Turn the heat to 64 or so and wear extra layers of clothes. If shipping to an overseas military address the cost will remain the same as shipping within the United States.

    Send Expired Coupons to U.S. Military Families Overseas

    These programs allow you to ship expired coupons to military personnel who can use them or up to six months after the listed expiration date. Coupons For Troops Click on the spreadsheet listed and donate directly to those families in need. Overseas Coupon Program List of all American military bases overseas which currently participate To Donate to a Family in this program — Fill out this form.

    Box 70 Daytona Beach, FL There is no minimum amount of coupons needed to participate in these programs. They only ask that a few little steps be taken to help if you are not paired with a military family. The first being, that coupons be expired no more than 30 days at a time to ensure adequate processing, delivery, and use the time for the recipients. Coupons should be sorted into food and non-food categories and packages accordingly for delivery.

    Please see their site for more details about their requirements and to see how you can be of assistance.


    Alternately, you can think about adopting your own Military Relatives or Friends. Just reach out to those you know are on a base overseas, or ask your friends and family to connect you with individuals they know that are in the military overseas.

    Donating expired coupons to the military

    These programs help loosen the tight purse strings of our military families and ensure they can care for and support their loved ones. It is the least we can do to show our gratitude for all they do to protect and serve our own families. This just made my day! What an amazing program! I am totally on it! I have tons and tons of coupons and panic when expiration is coming up! So this is just fantastic!