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Portable AC. Prices mentioned above are the best least price available for each item across all stores. To get prices across all stores please select click a given air-conditioner. Prices may vary from store to store and from place to place based on different tax rates. Prices shown above are with bill and warranty. In case of any issues or discrepancy please contact us. This page was last updated on 21st October, The noise level is only 45 Db, so you can barely hear it.

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It has turbo mode which cools the room at twice the regular speed. The wattage is only , but it has a 5-star energy rating. So it functions efficiently, while spending the least amount of electricity. Nor is it dangerous to keep on in the house. This way, it can cover the most area and directly cool the air touching you. Of course, you should always keep the door closed for maximum cooling.

It rapidly cools your room, without you having to wait.

Daikin FTKF50TV 1.5 Ton Split AC

After coming home from a long and hot day, you can use it to cool down immediately. Humidity tends to make the already hot weather even more unbearable. This AC strikes the right balance in-between those. The filtration system is comprehensive. The feeling you get when you return home all sweaty and hot is awful. Then the AC usually a window AC takes too long to cool the room. Then it selects its cooling based on the surrounding environment.

It lessens the humidity of the air in the room, while not making it completely dry. This will cool your room almost instantly. It slowly increases the temperature over time, which works well for sleeping because it moves with your body temperature. We tend to sleep better in warmer temperatures. Air conditioners that only swing up and down are limited in how much area they can cover. An AC like this give you as much cooling as possible.

It looks great in any room. When an air conditioner is listed as 3-star or 5-star, this refers to the energy efficiency, or how much power it consumes. This is a useful way to compare the energy consumption of different products. Energy ratings are between 1 and 10 stars. A 5-star AC is more efficient than a 3-star AC. Split ACs and window ACs are very different. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of each:. A split AC has two units: an indoor and an outdoor unit. The two units are connected by some sort of tubing, usually copper tubing.

They require installation.

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Split ACs are better because they make less noise and are more energy efficient. They make almost no noise when running, compared to window ACs. A window AC only has one unit. It contains all of the parts: compressors, motors, pipes, and heat exchangers. Window ACs are more noisy, which is a big disadvantage. Your split ac will stay with you for 10 years if maintained properly, it is wise to invest a few hours of research in taking this decision.

According to a report from Motilal Oswal research, there are more than 40 brands of air conditioners in the Indian market.

Selecting the correct size in tons for your split-ac is crucial. If you select too low tonnage then it will put a load on the ac as it will have to run for more time to cool the room. Too high tonnage and you will have to pay high electricity bills. Look for the star ratings in your split ac to decide which one is going to save you more electricity.

These ratings are given by the Bureau of energy efficiency.